The 7 Most Important Outdoor Kitchen Essentials in Avon, CT

If cooking in the great outdoors is one of your favorite pastimes in your Avon, CT backyard, then isn’t it time to start thinking about an upgrade? There are a few things to consider before you move forward. With so many materials, amenities, and designs you can choose from, there are essential elements that every outdoor kitchen needs to operate best. Check out these must-haves for your outdoor kitchen so you can make the most out of all of your backyard cooking adventures. 

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Gas or Electric Range

Outdoor kitchen Avon CT

The centerpiece of every great outdoor kitchen is definitely the gas or electric range. No matter which style of cooking you prefer, everything else will be built around your range. Your landscape designer can help you choose a heavy-duty, outdoor option that will give you the performance you need while standing up to the elements in style. 


Prep Space 

Every great chef needs some room to slice, chop, and assemble. Your landscape designer can help you choose a stone countertop that will look great and offer the durability you need at the same time. The more prep space, the better!


Built-In Sink

Keep your frustration at a minimum with a built-in sink installed in your outdoor kitchen. Every chef needs a clean, fresh water source at hand to rinse veggies and clean up. 



Coolers are great, but a built-in mini-fridge makes keeping everything cool a breeze. Whether you are looking for a way to keep beverages and condiments at-hand, or want a convenient place to store your meat and veggies as you cook, a mini-fridge is a true outdoor kitchen essential you won’t want to be without. 


Bar Seating

One of the best parts about cooking outside is that you get to stay in the thick of things and continue to enjoy your company all at the same time. By adding integrated bar seating to your outdoor kitchen, you’ll be able to invite friends and family to gather around and visit with you, eating and drinking all in the same space. Be sure to ask your landscape designer about adding running lights under your outdoor kitchen bar top to keep the party going even after the sun goes down! 


Storage Space 

Where are the tongs? If you can never seem to find your spatula, bottle opener, knives or oven mitts while you’re cooking outdoors, the problem may be a lack of storage space. Be sure to add drawers or shelving to your overall outdoor kitchen plan so you’ll always know where your essential cooking items are at. 


Pavillion or Pergola Top

Stay a little cooler and keep the sun out of your and your guests’ eyes as you cook when you add a pavillion or pergola top to your kitchen! Topping off your outdoor kitchen is the ultimate finishing touch, and it really helps to make your addition look like a separate space of its own. 


Make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality when you keep these seven essential elements in mind. No matter which configuration you choose to outfit your cooking space with, you’ll be sure to enjoy making all of your favorite culinary delights outdoors and in style. 


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"We didn't want to let too much time pass before writing to you. We are so pleased with the patio and have already used it many times in the past few weeks. We always had a nice retreat in the woods - but now we are actually USING the space to read, cook and relax. Your team was a pleasure to work with on the project. Dave kept everything moving and we felt very well informed throughout the build. He went above and beyond to make sure that our property was well cared for and that the patio ultimately fit our vision. Jimmy was the other key component to the team. He is an extremely hard worker that was very dedicated to the project and easily served as our onsite contact when Dave was unavailable. We cannot compliment either of them enough! From the beginning, we have loved your vision for this project and we hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you for creating our new backyard oasis! It's perfect." Read more comments

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