8 Must-Have Features for Your Farmington, CT, Outdoor Kitchen


As you plan an outdoor kitchen, you’re probably throwing around ideas on your “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”—but there may be features that you haven’t yet considered that could make a great outdoor kitchen nothing short of spectacular. To help you finalize your list, here are eight must-have features for your Farmington, CT, outdoor kitchen.

Comfortable Seating

8 Must-Have Features for Your Farmington, CT, Outdoor Kitchen

Providing seating allows your family and guests to gather and relax while food is being prepared, without making the cook feel isolated. But seating doesn’t have to mean dozens of folding chairs that clutter up the space and have to be put away seasonally.


A stone seating wall helps to define the kitchen/dining area and provides plenty of overflow seating. For an inviting seating area, consider adding a back to the seating wall as well as plush cushions for a comfortable, inviting arrangement.

Weather Protection


When the skies open up and everyone scurries indoors, where does that leave the cook who has half a dozen burgers on the grill? Outdoor kitchens that are simply stand-alone roofless grill islands in the middle of the patio have limited usability. Keep the party outdoors by ensuring that both the cooking and eating area in your outdoor kitchen is sheltered from the rain as well as the sun. A permanent patio roof or pavilion could be exactly what your outdoor kitchen needs. A pergola is another solution for easing the glare of the midday sun.

Beverage Chiller


Speaking of keeping the party outdoors, you need a place to keep beverages cool without people tromping into the house every time they want a drink. Beverage chillers are somewhat like an under-counter mini fridge, except they are specially designed to hold cans and bottles, and can also offer storage for mixers.  



An outdoor dishwasher may seem like a luxury, but if you often entertain outdoors, you’ll appreciate the ease of cleanup that only a dishwasher can offer. Not only is it convenient, it’s better for the environment than paper plates and plastic cutlery.

Patio Heat


Extend your entertaining season into the crisp fall days and evenings. An outdoor fireplace could supplement the cooking you do in your outdoor kitchen, or you could have a fire pit nearby for relaxing after all your culinary hard work has been savored.



Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for lunch or dinner anymore if you have a griddle! We all know food tastes better outdoors, so why not whip up a batch of pancakes and bacon for an al fresco breakfast? Outside of breakfast, griddles also make it easy to prepare vegetables, and they can serve as food warmers.

Adequate Workspace


Some of the best outdoor kitchens feature enough workspace for two people to cook simultaneously. Inadequate counter space will have dishes stacked in food prep areas, creating the potential for frustration. A great outdoor kitchen is divided into zones: hot, cold, wet, and dry. The hot zone includes the grill, pizza oven, griddle, and stovetop. The cold zone is the refrigeration area (and since these are often under the counter, they offer additional prep space above). The dry zone is the food prep area. The wet zone is home to the sink and dishwasher.

Task Lighting


Finally, great task lighting is a must. Create a mix of targeted task lighting to illuminate each workspace and appliance, as well as ambient light to provide safety and a welcoming feel for your guests.


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"We didn't want to let too much time pass before writing to you. We are so pleased with the patio and have already used it many times in the past few weeks. We always had a nice retreat in the woods - but now we are actually USING the space to read, cook and relax. Your team was a pleasure to work with on the project. Dave kept everything moving and we felt very well informed throughout the build. He went above and beyond to make sure that our property was well cared for and that the patio ultimately fit our vision. Jimmy was the other key component to the team. He is an extremely hard worker that was very dedicated to the project and easily served as our onsite contact when Dave was unavailable. We cannot compliment either of them enough! From the beginning, we have loved your vision for this project and we hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you for creating our new backyard oasis! It's perfect." Read more comments

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