5 Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Property

A retaining wall is a structure made of concrete blocks, rocks, or other materials that retains the soil behind it. Retaining walls are typically added to properties for practical reasons, but can add to your property’s aesthetic as well. Customizable to your landscaping style, a retaining wall can be seamlessly integrated with your existing landscape. Here are some benefits to adding a retaining wall to your property.

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1. Prevents Erosion

The biggest reason that property owners install retaining walls is to prevent erosion. Erosion occurs in steep areas when dirt is lost and can cause expensive damage to your property. Extensive erosion can cause sinkholes on your property and can wash away fertilizers and nutrients, destroying your plants. Installing a retaining wall will keep your land in place and prevent the damage of erosion.

2. Increases Space

If there are a lot of hills on your property, tiered retaining walls can actually add more space to your property. These walls will flatten out your land and create more space that can be used for landscaping, gardens, and other features that will make your land more functional and attractive.

3. Prevents Flooding

In addition to preventing erosion, retaining walls can help prevent flooding. Storms and excessive rain can be a problem no matter where you live. Installing a retaining wall can deter floodwater from gathering on your property and creating runoff that will damage your land.

4. Improves Aesthetic

In addition to its functionality, a retaining wall can make your property look more attractive. Using materials that match the rest of your landscaping, a retaining wall can blend seamlessly into your landscaping design. It can add a focal point to your property that will make your yard look more appealing.

5. Adds Property Value

There are a lot of benefits to adding a retaining wall. It makes your property look more attractive, improving its overall aesthetic. This improved appearance combined with its functionality will add to the overall value of your property. When your property contains useful, attractive features, its value will increase.

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