3 Ways to Use Landscape Lighting to Increase Your Curb Appeal in Farmington, CT


You’re proud of your property. You’ve worked hard to ensure that its features are beautiful and that it has curb appeal. But after the sun goes down, does your homes’ fabulous features become lost in the dark? Landscape lighting is one aspect of home exterior renovation and design that many homeowners may forget to incorporate into their Farmington, CT property. If you are considering selling your home soon, or even in the future, one of the best ways to improve your curb appeal and set yourself apart from the competition is with landscape lighting. However, there’s more to lighting up your home than installing a few sconces or security lights. Read on and we’ll show you three essential ways to use landscape lighting to help bring out your home’s best features after dark. 


Architectural Accents

landscape lighting Farmington CT

Porticos, balconies, dormers, columns and gables. Your home has so many beautiful features that deserved to be brought to light. With the right placement and type of light, your home can undergo a dramatic nighttime makeover that will make your home the centerpiece of your neighborhood. As on the theatre stage, extraordinary lighting can help to create a mood and add drama to even the most modest and simple lines on your home. Ask your trusted landscape professional what they would recommend for architectural illumination to turn your home into an instant star on the block. 

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Pretty Pathways

Light the way to your home with expertly installed pathway lighting. There’s nothing more welcoming than being greeted at night by a well-lit walkway to guide you to your destination. With pathway lighting, your ornate paved walkways continue to shine even after dark as well. Not only is pathway lighting beautiful, but it’s a must-have safety feature as well, offering a double bonus you’ll appreciate and enjoy. There are a variety of options when it comes to lighting up your pathways, from simple stake lights to flush-mount lighting incorporated right into your walkway. Light posts are another elegant option that will help set your home apart from the rest. 

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Garden Spotlights

Is there an ancient oak in your front yard begging for a little attention? How about your prized flower beds by the front door? Put the spotlight on your favorite flora to help make them shine, even when the sun goes down. Whether you want to add drama to a beloved tree, or use expertly installed garden lighting to highlight the exterior of your home, garden lighting can help elevate the look of your exterior in a big way. Consult with your landscape professional to see what suggestions they may have to make the most of your flowers, trees and shrubs. 

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, or you simply want to reach it fullest potential, landscape lighting is an easy way to make a big visual impact. There are so many beautiful corners of your home that can become lost in the dark. Ask your landscape professional to help you shed some light on the subject and soon every night you’ll enjoy an illuminated welcome home. 



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