3 Ways to Store Wood for Your Fire Pit in Glastonbury, CT

When it comes to embracing your natural side and enjoying the outdoors, it doesn’t get any better than relaxing around an open fire. However, as anyone who enjoys the warmth of a roaring fire can tell you, it takes a lot of firewood to keep the good times going. If you have a fire pit in your Glastonbury, CT, backyard, you may already find yourself frustrated and unsure of the best ways to store all your logs for the season. Read on, and we’ll share with you 3 easy ways to stack, stash, or display your firewood so it’s always neat, easy to reach, and ready for your next open fire get together. 


Stylishly Stacked

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Stacking your firewood correctly is something of an art, but it’s an easy and enjoyable process. It’s important to keep your firewood off the ground and preferably on a rack. Consider keeping a rack near your fire pit that can be covered with a tarp or other waterproof cover when not in use. There are traditional bench-shaped racks available, but you can also opt for other stylish shapes like circles, octagons or triangles. 

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When stacking your firewood, there are a number of methods you can choose, but the simplest way is to use an irregular pattern. Start by stacking the largest logs at the bottom of your rack, and build up to the smallest ones on the top. Be sure to alternate shapes and sizes, however, to encourage proper air flow so your logs stay nice and dry. You can also use the “log cabin” method of stacking, or stacking your logs in parallel layers up to 6 logs high. This is a great method for helping to dry out logs that have become wet or damp. 


Stash it Away

Don’t care to have your log supply in plain view? Your best bet is to stash your firewood away and keep it out of sight and out of mind, while keeping it safe and dry. One traditional method is to build a dedicated wood shed on your property. This would be a good option for those who enjoy having a fire in their backyards regularly and need a place to store large quantities of wood. These range in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so choose the one that works best with your backyard landscape design. 

Bench-style seating and boxes are also a great idea for storing your firewood away. If you are able to find or install seating around your fireplace that also doubles as a place to hide firewood away, you’ll enjoy a win-win situation! Keeping your firewood close at hand and also safely tucked away is the best option for making your fire pit as enjoyable as possible. 

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Make a Display

Finally, one of the most creative and attractive ways you can store your firewood is to make a display directly in your fire pit. This is a great option for every fire pit owner, as it can help to prepare your fire pit for the next time you’re ready to light it up. It can also fill in an empty area. Consider using the “teepee” method of stacking for your fire pit display to turn a few simple logs into something special. 



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