3 Ways to Achieve Ambient Outdoor Lighting in Weatogue, CT


Now that summer is on its way, and you are looking forward to enjoying time outside with your friends and family, it is the ideal time to add ambient lighting to your Weatogue, CT, landscape. This way you don’t have to take the fun inside just because the sun sets. You will want to consider three different types of outdoor lighting to bring your nighttime landscape alive:

Ambient Lights

Stunning outdoor lighting in Weatogue CT - landscape lighting in Weatogue CT

Ambient lighting creates a soft glow with no harsh glare. It is most like natural light and creates a mood of warmth and gentleness, like a soft sweater. Wall lamps are wonderful for bringing a certain mood to walkways and patios. You are aiming for light that diffuses and distributes evenly in an area, with most of the light directed downward. Dimmers on lights can bring a noticeable change to the brightness.

Sconces are another great way to add ambient lighting to your home’s exterior and yard. String lights are whimsical and fun when strung through the trees of your front yard or backyard. They bring a mystical look to your property after dark. Even well-placed pendant lights that seem to float above an outdoor dining table or a covered back porch that sees a lot of use after dark are choices that bring a soft light to an outdoor space.


Spotlights bring focus to a dark yard, much like task lights focus lighting on a spot where you are doing something, like a desk or countertop.

If you have a majestic old tree, or a tree that is breathtaking in the spring when it flowers, this is a perfect feature for a spotlight. A gorgeous rock wall or rock covered wing of your home is another ideal spotlight location. If you have pillars that form an entrance to the driveway, focus a spotlight there to aid location at night, as well as bring attention to a pretty part of the landscape.

A water feature like a fountain or a trellised area filled with blooming flowers is another wonderful spot to accent with a spotlight.

Functional Lights

Functional lights help to bring safety to the landscape for visitors to see by as they arrive at your home. This includes pathway lights that make it easy to navigate from the driveway to your entryway after dark. You want all entryways to be well-lit for safety and the feeling of security it brings to approach a lighted door.

Plan to illuminate any dark areas or corners with lights that remove the shadows. Any steps or stairs also need functional lights to ensure safe walking and climbing the steps to another part of the landscape.

Having a distinct layering of these three types of lights can create a dazzling nighttime Weatogue, CT, landscape. If you have been thinking that additional landscape lights are on your to-do list for summer, consult with a landscape professional with expertise in landscape illumination.

With a properly trained staff who can assist you as you consider the exact landscape lighting plan to bring your property to life, a full-service landscape contractor can provide you with an outdoor space that is unique to your needs.

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